Product Delivery Methods

Now we are going to talk about some of the best ways to deliver your finished product into the hands of consumers, including how to accept payments and automate the entire process, for hands-free profits.

Once your brand new information product is complete it's time to get out in the market place and ready for delivery, but before that can happen you have to choose the proper distribution method and set up a reliable payment gateway.

When it comes to delivering information products to your customers, traditional shipping methods often do not apply, unless you decide to create a physically shipped product by putting it on a CD, DVD or USB drive. However we're going to focus mainly on digitally delivered products.

One of the best things about creating digital products is that they can be delivered digitally as well. This means you can set up your payment and delivery system one time and it will automatically accept payments and deliver products to consumers on autopilot. All you really need are a couple of webpages and an autoresponder to create a seamless buying experience for your customer.

There are a variety of different platforms that you can use to set up your sales funnel, so that it will automatically accept payments and deliver products. Let's quickly go over three of the most popular payment gateways used to accept payments and deliver digital products:

- Clickbank

Clickbank is an payment gateway that makes it easy for people to sell their digital products online. Additionally, selling your information product on Clickbank allows other people (affiliates) to promote your product as well. Once your product is added to the ClickBank marketplace it will literally be visible to thousands of potential customers and affiliates, making it a very good option.

The ClickBank platform works like an online shopping cart and payment processor that takes care of delivery, provides tracking, sales reporting. It also manages your affiliate program and automatically pays out commissions, so you don't have to.

When you first sign up to sell your own products there is a one-time fee of $49.95 plus a 7% sales commission on every products you sell. The onetime fee is good for life and allows you to sell an unlimited number of products in multiple categories.

They provide complete set up directions. However you'll need to setup a sales page, download page, and a thank you page to host your products on. You can find out more about selling on ClickBank here:

- PayPal

PayPal is possibly one of the most popular and widely used online payment processing services on the internet today. They make it incredibly easy to setup and accept credit cards wherever you do business. They provide everything you need to accept sales online including invoicing and your customers don't even need a PayPal account to make a purchase with their, bank account, credit or debit card.

When you are ready to setup your product in PayPal you simply login and go to the Merchant Services area. From there you can quickly create a payment button to add to your sales page as well as a link that you can use in your e-mail campaign. Whenever a customer clicks on that button they will be prompted to complete their order and then PayPal will automatically direct them to the download page that you specified while creating your payment link.

PayPal integrates nicely with the most popular shopping carts, including E- Junkie, Pinnaclecart, Eventbrite and more, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to selling your products.

You can find out more about selling with PayPal here:

NOTE: While both of these services makes it possible for you to accept payments and deliver your digital product to your customer, you will still need to set up a sales page and download page on your own website, so that your customer will experience a smooth ordering process.

- JVzoo

Is a fairly new platform that allows you to sell digital products online. They also make it easy for you to run an affiliate program and pay your affiliates. Much like the ClickBank, when you and your products to JVzoo they will be included in the marketplace where they will be exposed to thousands of people looking to buy and sell products online.

What makes JVzoo a little bit different from PayPal and ClickBank is that they allow you to upload and host your products directly on their platform. They also give you the ability to create instant sales pages, thereby eliminating the necessity for creating a sales page and download page on your own website, however I do strongly recommend that you create them as well, just for safety's sake!

With JVzoo there are no out of pocket costs to become a seller. You can add as many products as you want into the marketplace and create as many buy buttons as you need without worrying about extra fees. As I mentioned above JVzoo is still a fairly new platform and they are constantly adding new features to make the selling process extremely functional and easy for digital marketers making it a great option for selling your new information product.

You can find out more about selling with JVzoo here:

Please keep in mind that these are only three of the many reliable online payment processors available that can be used to sell and deliver information products. There are many more and you can find them by performing a simple search online for "online payment processor". When it comes to choosing the right online payment processor for your venture it really depends on what type of features matter most to you.

Just be sure to do your research before making your final decision, so that you can be confident that your sales process will be smooth and painless for your customers.

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