Making Money On EBay


Founded in 1995, eBay has become one of the ways of making profit out of old or used items. In order to make profit through eBay, there are some steps you can take. eBay is a great way to make profit if you create a sellers account. Doing this will give you the platform to start selling the products you no longer need. Minnymales shares ideas regarding how one can go about finding product, “Some people buy products wholesale and re-sell at a profit. Some people sell things from around their house that they no longer want. Some people go to yard sales, auctions, and estate sales and find things to re-sell. Some people watch for 75% off sales at their local retail stores and buy things to re-sell. Some people sell things that they make.” One thing that you should consider doing before listing your products is to research them, see what the price range for these products is, whether people are competing to get it or not.

From there, you are ready to get the products ready for selling. If needed, you can clean the product, erase any markings on it, clean the game console, or memorabilia. Then, it is photography time: using a digital camera, take clear photographs of the item from different angles to show a clean image of what the customers are looking at. It is best for you to use as many pictures as possible, particularly since it is a way to show the customers a detailed look of the product. Being transparent and honest about what the product and its state will earn you more points as a seller.

After you take pictures of the product, you are ready to set up a seller account, and upload the images. Then, it is time to list the product. Minnymales writes, “Ebay has a listing form that you can fill out and put in all the details like item title, description, pictures, price, shipping costs, etc. Listing is my favorite part of the work. It's best to be very honest in your description and mention any flaws in the item as well as playing up the good parts.”

In your description, you can write about any defects in the product, any shipping requirements, any payment staples that you have, and so on. Doing this will make the transactions as clear as possible without any confusion as to what you are expecting from your customers. It also sets the tone for what they should expect from you. In the listing section, you can outline what you will be giving to the customer and why that is considered to be a good deal.

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