Become A Online Counselor

Many people find themselves nowadays turning to the internet for different things. With that in mind, many people have also found that reaching out for help through online counseling is a better option for them, rather than rushing out to talk to a counselor among the public. Although speaking to a counselor even publicly is strictly confidential, more and more people have found online counseling to be more convenient and have a more anonymous effect as well.

If you have a knack for giving helpful advice and talking with people, then becoming an online counselor would be the idle job for you. You donít necessarily have to have a degree to be an online counselor although if you do, this would definitely give you an upper hand. Here are a few simple steps to take if you are interested in becoming an online counselor.

The best and most effective way to get your services out to the internet world is by creating a website. On this website you will want to give your qualifications as well as why you think you are the right person to come to for advice when someone has problems. Tell people about your experiences that you have had in the past helping people with various problems.

If you donít have a degree and are not able to write prescriptions, then you also need to state this on your website so that all of your visitors are fully aware that you are there to listen and give advice based on your own skills. This is a very important key to remember when creating your website. You want to make sure that you are running a legal business and stating that you have a degree in something that you donít is unlawful and your business will be shut down before you know itÖ and the lawsuits will start rolling in!

However, for many people, they donít care that you donít have a degree or that you canít prescribe them anything, they simply want to pay someone to listen to them and to give them advice on how they can fix their problems. A lot of people just want a person that they can counsel with when they need them and to be able to vent their frustrations of everyday life and the best part of it is they can do this without anyone else knowing.

After you have successfully created your website, your next step is driving traffic to your site. There are many ways that you can advertise your business and drive that much needed traffic to your website. Some of the most popular ways to gain extra traffic to your website is through the use of forums, social networks, and word of mouth. Make sure that you are advertising to forums that are associated with counseling, this way you can get ďtargetedĒ traffic driven to your site and people that are serious about paying you for your services.

The final step in becoming an online counselor is to build your customer base. Really do a good job and make sure that you get testimonials from your clients to place on your website to have for reference for your potential clients.

So how much can online counselors make? Depending on how much traffic you drive to your site, an online counselor can make anywhere from $50-$200 an hour. With the popularity of online counseling at an all-time high youíd be crazy not to want to become an online counselor! Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to a rewarding and profitable job as an online counselor!

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