4 Ways To Blog And Brag About Your Business On Holidays

Holidays can be filled with fun and joy. On the other hand, it can also be filled with a crazy and hectic schedule. You need to have time to go shopping, cooking, gift-giving and can hardly find time for blogging. However, once you have planned your blogging schedule for the holidays make sure to stick to it no matter how busy you may be. You need to keep your online visitors aware of the latest about your business, especially during the holidays. Check out some better ways to blog about your business this holiday season:


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1. Know your rules

Most of us would experience some sort of holiday syndrome as we find ourselves blogging about everything about the holidays and end up unconsciously blogging about something too personal. Before you even sit in front of your laptop, gather your thoughts and recall your rules. One of these would include not blogging about something too personal. After all, your blog is all about your business, and it is certainly not an extension of your personal diary. Think of those things and aspects of your business that you do not want to blog about. This way, it becomes easier for you to know what it is that you wanted to blog about. Focus on how you can let your brand; products or services shine this holiday season.

2. Know the positive things about your business

The holiday season is a perfect time for you to reflect on all the positive things about your business. Let your online visitors know how much you appreciate them and how much you value your relationships with your clients as well. Let the world know about your achievements for the past several months. These positive things should give you more reasons to love blogging despite the hectic schedule you have for the holidays. If you have achievements that you would like to highlight, blog about it in a form of a year-ender press release. A press release will help you spread the word about your success without any fear of being misconstrued and still sound so down-to-earth. Most of all, do not forget to thank your online visitors, consumers, and clients for their continued support.

3. Know what information to keep from your competitors

Blogging about your business should not mean that you have to divulge everything about your business. Otherwise, you will only be putting the confidentiality of your business strategies at risk of being copied by your competitors. When blogging, just try to highlight your past achievements, say a little about the things that are to come and the features or services that your consumers must watch out for. However, you have to be very discreet when telling the world about your future plans. Avoid revealing too much regarding the sensitive details of your future plans and latest business strategies or else your competitor will know exactly your Achilles heel and hit you right there. Keep some crucial information to yourself and never risk your throne by carelessly giving away critical details about your business plans.

4. Know your schedule for posting

The holidays are definitely the best time of the year to offer promotions. Make sure that whatever it is that you are trying to promote; it should relate in some way to what your online visitors are expecting from your blog site. However, you still need to determine what days of the week have the most number of online visitors. Then, schedule your latest posts and promotions during these days to ensure your visitors can read it and be able to take advantage of your promotions. This is when you should set up a calendar so that it is easier for you to schedule your posts and promotions. Do not forget as well to leverage your data from the website analytics in order to make the most of your posts.

Blogging during the holidays can be one great source of anxiety and stress considering the fact that you still have many personal things to catch up for the holiday season.  But, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, blogging during the holidays will cease to be a headache for you. Enjoy blogging!


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