6 Cool Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Summer Heat


It is already summer and you know what it means, right? Once again, you will be driven off the wall with the sweltering heat and will make you sweat buckets. If you are looking for ways to beat the summer heat, you are not alone. About 8000 people have died in the United States in 20 years starting in 1979 due to heat-related diseases or disorders. Never fret because here are some few tips that can keep your cool this summer and make it more enjoyable. 

Drink to cool

It pays to drink lots of fluids before you step off and bask in the summer sun. The body needs lots of water to keep the temperature down. However, people with liver disease, kidney problems or suffering from epilepsy need to check with the doctor about increasing fluid intake. It is best to skip the alcoholic beverages and some caffeine while summer is brewing. Never wait to drink until you feel the thirst. You need to have at least eight ounces of fluid per hour during summer. 

Replace lost nutrients

When it is hot, you sweat a lot. And when we sweat it brings along a lot of nutrients and electrolytes. Drinking sports, drinks can help you replenish the lost minerals through the sweat. The caveat is that you need to check with your doctor if you are suffering from any kind of water retention disease before engaging with sports drinks that are teeming with sodium or salts. Salts are effective in retaining water, but it is not recommended for people that have hypertension since it may get worse. Never over do your sports drinking because it may not sit well with you. 

Wear loose clothes

Wearing loose clothes is one of the most logical things to do when it is hot outside. A lot of people are showing symptoms of anxiety when they are subjected to extreme temperature without taking a look at what they are wearing. Unless you are  spending the entire day inside a well air-conditioned room, there is no point of wearing layers of clothing that will make you feel even hotter. It is also recommended to wear wide-brimmed hats or to use some umbrellas if you can’t avoid walking through the heat of the midday sun. This will provide some kind of shade that can keep you cooler and will protect you from the harsh sun rays that may increase your risk for skin cancer. 

Work when it’s cooler

Most often you need to work outdoors, and you increase the chances of getting exposed to the elements. It is best to schedule your outdoor foray during when the sun is not at its peak like during the early morning or late afternoon. Experts say that you need to suspend any kind of outdoor activity before 9 AM, and you can resume at around 4 PM. The times in between are too harsh for the body as the sun is at its peak at giving off its heat. 

Make things cooler

Did you know that trying to use fewer appliances can make your house cooler? Running appliances give off heat, and if you are using a lot the cumulative heat can increase the temperature inside the house a notch higher. Not only, it is going to save a lot of energy and reduce the carbon footprint; it will make your house cooler because it will bring down the heat generated by operating lots of appliances. Turn off the TV and try to have a walk around the neighborhood may give you an opportunity to ease on anxiety and stress levels and get some form of exercise. Try to have been light-colored blinds and even paint the walls with light color so it will not absorb lots of heat. 

Eat better

Food with protein increases metabolic heat and can increase the internal temperature as it can induce water loss. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in water so you can have the fluids that you need without the need of drinking more water. 

When the humidity increases, sweat evaporates slower than usual, which make the body feel hotter. This can lead to heat strokes or heat exhaustion. That is why it is important to keep the body cool during summer and avoid getting injured. 

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