British Sailing Holiday Hotspots

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but the UK is a relatively small mass of land surrounded on all sides by the sea. Wherever you are, you are never more than a couple of hundred miles from the coast, so is it a surprise that our fair Isle has some truly sensational sailing hotspots? Well not really no. The coastline we do have is extremely diverse and some of the landscapes you will encounter are as good as anything you can expect to see anywhere in the world. Britain certainly does its own line in a distinctive coast, with sheer cliffs, verdant hills, sprawling beaches and ocean as far as the eye can see. So, for veteran sailors and enthusiastic novices alike, here are three of the UK’s most spectacular sailing spots. 


Oban – western coast of Scotland

Some of the scenery, seascapes and landscapes that can be found in Oban, situated in the ancient Scottish district of Lorn, are of a rugged beauty that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the UK, or the world, for that matter. Sailing out of Oban is an absolute joy, and you’ll quickly realize just what a fantastic decision you made to take your holiday on this remote western coast. As you would expect from such an area, the air is fresh, the waters are clear and the sailing is truly magnificent. It won’t be too long before you realize you are not alone bobbing around on these cool waters. The wildlife is abundant. For the budding ornithologists among you, there are plenty of birds well worthy of dipping into your bag to grab the binoculars for. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of some of the resident sea life. Otters, dolphins, seals, basking sharks and minke whales all call these waters homes, so keep your eyes peeled. When you decide to eventuality return to dry land, you won’t be short of marine life either, although this time it’ll be on your plate, cooked. Oban is known as the seafood capital of Scotland, so pop your napkin on and enjoy!

The Scilly Isles

For wildlife lovers, there really is not a better opportunity to see some of the UK’s diverse marine life in the wild. The Scilly Isles are renowned for being surrounded by waters, which are as pristine as they are anywhere in the UK. This draws all manners of life to the area, and probably the best way to appreciate it is to get down to sea level by paddling out on a kayak. Whether you have your own kayak or hire one locally, there are an abundance of sheltered bays to explore and waters, which are usually extremely quiet, making it a breeze to take life at your own pace.

The Isle of Wight

There’s more than enough to entice sailors to the Isle of Wight. The diverse seascape offers sheltered bays as well as the world-famous landmark of Needles Rocks and lighthouse. More advanced sailors might well be tempted to pit their skills against the strong tidal streams which can be found in certain locations surrounding the Isle, which have proven to be a successful training ground for many of the UK’s finest sailors.

With the sunshine having finally arrived, there really is no better time to get out there and enjoy some of the UK’s most stunning sailing spots.

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