Create A Kindle Book – Is That For Established Authors Only?

If you know how to create a Kindle book, you have a great potential to make lots of sales and money. However, would this possibility be reserved for already known authors? Or can anyone publish a Kindle eBook?

You’ll know the answer to that question and several others, before you’ve finished reading this article.

Q: Who can create a Kindle book? Do I have to be an established author?

A: Anybody, who has an Amazon customer account, can publish a Kindle eBook. This is good news. In fact, you don’t even have to be a writer yourself, since you can publish books that are in public domain. I wouldn’t recommend this practice, though. Already now, if you search for certain topics, you’ll find several copies of the same book, produced by different “authors”. Amazon will probably want to delete those surplus copies sooner or later.

Q: What programme should I use to write my book in?

A: You can use a plain word processing programme like Word or Open Office. You can even use a WYSIWYG home page editor like KompoZer. The advantage of using a home page editor is that you can save directly in HTML format.

If you use a word processing programme, you have to export in HTML format, when you’re done.

Q: How do I create the special Kindle format to fit the reader?

A: You don’t have to. Leave this to Amazon. When you start your project and are about to create your Kindle book, you can upload the content in different file formats. Choose between text, document, PDF, and HTML. The best format, according to Amazon, is HTML. If you use illustrations in your book, you should save all those pictures in a folder as well as the main HTML file. Then compress this folder, and upload the zip file to Amazon.

Amazon will then use these files to create the eBook from, and you get a preview of the finished book.

Q: I don’t have a Kindle. None of my friends have a Kindle. What’s the purpose of creating a Kindle version of my book?

A: Even though neither of you have a Kindle, you can still read the Kindle format on several media. Amazon offers download to both PC and Mac, and you can also get their reader for mobile phones such as iPhones, and for iPads and other products.

Q: How much royalty will I get?

A: You can choose between 35% and 70%. If you want to obtain a 70% royalty, you have to price your book between $2.99 and $9.99.

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