How To Create A Kindle Book – Starting Your eBook Empire

Be among the first to create a Kindle book in your niche. The Kindle is hot; you can get it almost all over the world; and it’s free to create your own Kindle eBook.

Great news! It’s not even difficult to do it.

You might be wondering, if it’s worth the effort to create Kindle books, since there are still a lot of people, who don’t own the device. Not to worry. You can get a version for both PC and Mac, and even for iPads as well as some mobile phones. So you can find potential clients everywhere.

Before you set up your eBook for sale on one of the biggest book marked places in the world, you have to write it, of course. At the moment, Amazon supports the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is not recommended to write in other languages, and if you do, special characters from that language will show up erroneously.

So stick with the main languages for now, and you should be good.

You can upload plain text format to Amazon, and they would transform it into Kindle format. However, your best choice is HTML, and you can produce that easily in several ways.

One way is to write your book in either Word or Open Office, and then save as HTML. Make sure to include your pictures and HTML-file in a folder. You’ll have to compress the folder with content into a zip-file, and then upload everything.

Another way is to write your whole book in a home page editor. You can get a product like KompoZer for free at

When you’re done writing, and have saved your book in HTML format, you’re almost ready to publish. However, you have to create a customer account with Amazon, if you don’t already have one. Then log into your account, and go to the following link:

Provide them with your information about name, address, etc, and you’re ready to start.

Follow the guide. It’s pretty straight forward. You have to upload a cover picture and the zipped HTML-file, you created before.

If you pick a price between $2.99 and $9.99, you can opt for 70% royalty. If not, you’ll earn 35%.

After that, you have to wait for them to review and publish your eBook. This is basically all it takes to create a Kindle book.

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