How To Create A Kindle Book

A Kindle book is really an electronic book that can be read on a Kindle device and other electronic devices. In this article I am going to explain how you can create your own Kindle book.

If you know how to type a document in a word processing program then you know how to write a Kindle book. It really is quite simple and straightforward f you think of it in terms of writing a document and then uploading that document to the Kindle publishing site.

Amazon has made it very easy for people to publish a Kindle book and have provided all the software that you need in order to do so.

This is what you need to do:

Decide what your topic will be about. Make sure that it is a topic of interest and that there customers already purchasing similar Kindle books. You need to produce a product that will be profitable.

Write your book in a word processing document and save it. Make sure that you include a title page and any copyright or disclaimer information.

If you want to add images in your book then you will need to use Microsoft word because you will need to save your document as a .docx file.

If you want to create a click-able table of contents then you will need to save your document as a .html file.

Once you have your document file saved then you are ready to upload it to the publishing site.

You will need to create an account and you will need to give your bank details so that you can get paid.

When you upload your new book you just need to follow the online instructions which are very straightforward.

When it comes to creating a cover for your Kindle book, Amazon has made this very straightforward and you can use the built in cover creation software.

Once uploaded you will then need to add your pricing information and then you can save your work.

It will take no longer than 24 hours for your Kindle book to be live on Amazon whereby people can purchase it wherever they live in the world. Amazon will automatically price your book in the local currency so you will not have to be concerned about exchange rates.

Therefore by publishing a Kindle book you are able to market your work very easily and on a platform such as Amazon which is well known and respected throughout the world.

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