How to Get Free Kindle Books

Amazon has blown open the digital book world by introducing their Kindle book lending program. If you were looking for a way to reduce your reading budget you just may have found it. The program has lots of features and you do not even have to have a Kindle book reader to participate. The Kindle works on phones such as the I-phone, Blackberry and all Android devices. You have to use those phones Kindle App which is free to read your material. If you have a Kindle, of course you can use that. You can also use a personal computer, an I-pad or a Mac.


There are a couple of rules concerning the lending program:
<li>You will not be able to read the book that you lend to someone else during the loan period</li>
<li>Only eligible books can be loaned. Eligibility is determined by the author, not Amazon.</li>
<li>You can loan out books for 14 days.</li>
<li>To find out if a book is “lendable” you can look in the product description of that book on Amazon, and it will say “lending enabled” under the ASIN number.</li>
<li>If you have a bunch of books on your kindle already, you can go to Manage your Kindle (online) and click the “+” button next to the title. If the book is loanable, you will see it noted there.</li>
<li>All you need to know is the name and email address of the person you are lending it too.</li>
<strong>It is so social</strong>

Not only do you get to really take advantage of borrowing books, you can make friends in the process. Kindle users are really getting creative in their quest for finding inexpensive literature by finding other users on Facebook. Looking under the groups section you can find a growing resource of people listing what they are looking for or even the titles and authors of books. You can build a relationship that can last a long time and really save some serious cash. If you love to read, and peel through a lot of books in a week, this can be a very good savings.

<strong>It is an easy system</strong>.

Because Amazon manages the system they make it easy to loan out books. Even if you do not know the person you are loaning it too, it is very safe and pretty much idiot proof. When the reader is done with the book, you get it back. That process is done automatically by Amazon. If they finish it early, you also can get it back early. If you send out an invitation to loan your book, and they do not answer your email, you keep the book in your account, no harm, no foul. Even if you loan out hundreds of books you will not have to keep a list or try to remember who has what title, Amazon does it all for you.

<strong>Get Busy</strong>

There really is no better time for you to go out and expand your horizons. When books are free a whole new realm opens up for the reader. You can try new titles, authors and genres without having to spend any money. It’s kind of like an extended test drive of a new car without paying for it.

<strong>Self Publishers</strong>

A lot of people are enjoying the benefits of publishing their own work and increasing their readership. Most authors (not all) self publish because it is cheaper than going through traditional venues of publishing. Did you know you can sell your own work on Amazon? Well if someone buys that book, they can also share it and those new readers are potential customers down the road. If you have been thinking about dusting off that E book you wrote, there is no better time than now.

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