Top 5 Sites Where You Can Get Kindle Books for Free

If you are a happy owner of an ebook reader (as am I), there will be moments when you’ll need something new to read but not necessarily will be prepared to pay for it. Fortunately, there are many sources of free kindle books in the web. These are top 5 best places to get free ebooks for your kindle (or other ebook reader device):

1. Amazon Best Sellers

The first place to go is simply the Amazon Best Sellers page. There you will find two columns: first one with top 100 bestselling paid kindle books, and the second one with free ones. It is the primary and best source of great kindle books, sorted by popularity so you know what is currently most popular among other kindle readers.

After you check amazon bestsellers, you should subscribe and visit best sites which find and deliver news about free kindle books. It might be an easier way, as they often offer email newsletters with freebies and facebook or twitter notifications.

2. Pixel of Ink

A site which presents free and discounted books daily. It has got a large group of fans and followers, however currently accepts only chosen “Picks” so it is worth subscribing to and visiting other sites too.

3. Freebooksy

Neat and pretty popular site with free ebooks. What is worth noticing, they are often running free giveaways (they offer free promotional copies of books which otherwise aren’t free). Again, because they are currently quite popular, they publish only chosen ebooks, so you should check out other sites too to not miss other good titles.

4. Project Guttenberg

A traditional site, with hundreds of classics. You won’t find the newest kindle releases there, but it is worth checking out, as it offers over 40 thousands of free books, including science and technical books. It is the only site on this list that requires registration, and they ask for a donation of your choice, but the donation is completely optional and you can use this site without it.

5. Freebie Books

A new and promising site, which aims to deliver free kindle books to ebook readers. It promotes both free and paid kindle books, but there is a rule that normal paid books submitted to this site must be on a free promotion at the moment of publishing, so it is a site worth subscribing to, as it might be a source where you can be notified about short-term kindle promotions.

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