New Video Reveals YouTube Ranking Secrets

Hey, Jeff Johnson just posted another fantastic “YouTube SEO” video on his blog and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking to learn how to use your videos to grab free traffic from both Google and YouTube at the very same time.

You’ll learn how to “sneak in the backdoor of Google” and get your YouTube videos ranked on the first page of Google and getting views in as little as 5 minutes.

This new video shows you exactly how it works: Visit Here!

You’ll also learn how to quickly and easily uncover video-friendly keywords… and how to use them to rank higher in Google and grab more views for your videos.

Jeff also explains his “new rules of Blog Post SEO” and how to properly use them to create a “framework of relevancy” designed to send Google into an absolute feeding frenzy for your content… so they start mindlessly sending you free traffic for hundreds of keywords, including keywords that don’t appear anywhere in your content.

Plus, he shows you how to build your very own “Video Traffic-Getting Network™” using nothing but 100% free software. Visit Here!

You get to watch over Jeff’s shoulder as he walks you through all of it and more… step-by-step… in this brand new training video.

Did I mention that you get to learn all of this for free?

Check it out: Visit Here!


You’ll also find some insanely valuable PDF downloads below each of the videos on Jeff’s blog (for the last video he posted 105 PDF pages of 100% pure video traffic-getting content for you to download).

So, don’t forget to download your PDF Cheat Sheets, Presentation Slides, Action Plans and Check Lists… you’ll find them below the video, right underneath the 947 comments that people have already (they love his free training, and so will you).

Grab your PDF downloads here: Visit Here!

More information can be found here: << Learn More! >>

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