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From the beginning, you will need to post regularly to your blog. One of the key benefits of using a blog to get leads is that you can get many of those leads directly from search engines if you show the search engines your blog is active. Giving the search engine spiders, as they are often called, regular “food” to eat will allow them to come back to your page time and time again. Your blog will see great growth in traffic if you just post often. 

How often is often, at first, you may not have the time to post every day, but this is what you want to work towards. Your posts do not have to be very long, but they should be unique. Here are some additional tips to help you with setting up a blog that ranks well.

  • Post basic information: Information to help educate readers who are looking for something to learn. They are often looking for answers to their questions on top of anything else.
  • Blog posts can be short, as short as 300 to 250 words Keep your keywords in line with the length of each post, going for under 3 percent. Too many keywords can cause the search engines to notice this and negatively rank you because of it.
  • Do some research to find unique items to talk about in your posts What are people really looking for? Do they want to know what options they have for potty training their dog? Are they looking at the wide assortment of invisible fences and are unable to make a choice? Use blog posts to identify questions your consumers may have, as a learning tool for them.
  • Enable comments, with approval Most blog posts do allow for individuals to post comments. You should have these monitored so that you can avoid spam comments, or even worse, profane ones. But, allowing others to post comments can give you many benefits. It may give you ideas for new blog posts. It may help you to answer their questions and therefore gain their respect. It may even help you to get the sale!
  • Keep blog posts engaging! Make them interesting, as this will attract a range of different people who may be more willing to book your blog to come back to repeatedly. You want this regular readership to be possible!

Now that you have an idea of what to speak about in your blog posts, and you know that you need to post at least most days of the week, what is next? There is more to do to get your blog posts to translate into leads. Again, to get the leads, you have to ensure that your blog is attracting the right type of visitors who want to head over to your website to make a purchase.

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