Pulling It Together

Now that you have done all of this work, what now? The results will start to happen. Here is an example of what is likely to happen once you start to get traffic coming to your website.

You put up great, information and well-designed website. You want to market this blog as a tool to getting customers to buy from you. You set up and manage your blog. The blog includes direct links to the website and may even be sharing the same space.

The blog is something you manage on a daily basis. You put up great posts that are informational, interesting and newsworthy. You Digg your posts, your Stumble them and eventually you are Tweeting them to all those you have come to know on Twitter

You keep promoting your blog and posts in this way. Your readership grows. More people are coming to your website. Since you have done a good job with search engine ranking, you also see great improvements in terms of search engine ranking. All of those visitors are finding you, just like they should be.

Since the tools you are using here are all tools to help you to get only qualified leads, people who are interested in what you have to offer to them, chances are good that they will continue to come to your website and buy from you. Since they like what you are offering, they are likely to click on your website link and learn more about the products and purchase them. It does not matter if you are selling your own products or those through an affiliate program. You have done all of the hard convincing already. These leads are qualified.


Simple Methods for Obtaining Your Leads

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