Jewellery And Today’s Stars

Body jewellery and physique piercing practices have been noticed by varied teams of individuals all around the world through the centuries. For some tribes it’s a ceremony of passage, for others it’s an indicator of social standing. For many, physique jewellery is used to reinforce private magnificence and as units to rise above the remainder […]

How To Shop For Jewelry As Well Watches Online

Shopping Jewelry and Watches Online These days it seems as if everyone is in search of the same thing – convenience. We do not want to get on the internet and search ten million different websites for one simple item like the best Mikimoto Pearl online. Luckily, the world of online jewelry shopping is rapidly […]

Men’s Guide On Buying Jewelry Because of Their Woman

Men would have to agree when I say that majority of them have to rack their brains out when thinking of what to give their special someone. Quite often, they encounter problems because of certain apprehensions that they may have in buying gifts for fear that it may not be liked or appreciated by the […]

Tips For Buying Exclusive Jewelry

Buying exclusive jewelry is something that is liked very much by women all over the world. However, there are quite a few points that have to be remembered while purchasing jewelry. Jewelry is usually made from materials like gold, silver, platinum, glass, and precious gems like a pearl, diamond, etc. Again, jewelry is either standard […]

Investing In Jewelry

Investing In Gold, Platinum and Silver jewelry To the serious and single-minded investor, Gold, Platinum, and Silver jewelry items are unlikely to come near the top of the potentially profitable opportunities that he or she will research. It is reasonable to propose, that before venturing into this market, a tremendous amount of investigation should be […]

The Power of Jewelry – President Vs Crown

History separates our president from his crown. I speak not of the power of office to slash and burn its citizenry. Instead, it is the crown which represents the adornment of precious metals by leaders of the ancient world. Once, jewelry was the ornamental expression of power. Ancient Egyptians were experts at gold production and […]

Buy Jewelry To Match The Colors Of Bridesmaids Dresses On Your Wedding Day

When designing jewelry, the sky is the limit as far as color choices, stones, shapes and over-all design.  But just like a cherry on a sundae or the star on the top of a Christmas tree, no outfit is complete without jewelry.  Buy Jewelry To Match The Colors Of Bridesmaids Dresses I would start with […]

Hot Jewelry Trends For The Holiday Season

While this season’s fashions are slim and feminine, jewelry has gone clunkier, chunkier and even a little retro. Everything from a winter sweater to a little black dress can shine with the help of a few select pieces. So what can we expect to see at holiday parties? 10k Yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Pendant […]

Buying fine Jewelry Online

How To Choose The Right Company For anyone looking to purchase fine jewelry, online shopping can be a great way to find the right piece at the right price. There can be many advantages to buying fine jewelry online – with savings being one of the major factors. Reputable online jewelers usually have much lower […]

All About Bling: Tips And Advice For Jewelry Lovers

Whether it was passed down to you or purchased as a gift, jewelry is something that many of us hold near and dear to our hearts. Protecting this jewelry and making sure you receive top dollar if you sell it are important things to us all. Make sure you use these jewelry tips to approach […]

A Guide To Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is often created with non-precious metals, usually gold or silver plated, and with or without beads and stones. Costume jewelry has been extremely popular around the world for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians are known to have worn decorative beaded necklaces and Cleopatra is probably one of the original wearers of what […]

Stylish Jewelry

Everyone that chooses to shop at a jewelry store, whether it is located in their favorite shopping mall or found through the Internet, is not there to buy gemstones, fashion rings or even a jeweled bracelet. They might prefer to spend their time looking at watches instead and will be generously rewarded with marvelous selections […]

Something About Jewelry Design

Jewelry is a passion of every lady. Throughout the world, jewelry is essential for complementing the daily dress up of people. Not only do the women but also men have started utilizing some jewelry to accentuate their looks. However, still internationally jewelry is deemed essential commodity for attaining that complete feminine look. The importance of […]

When Selecting Jewelry

Frankly speaking, selecting jewelry needs careful time and consideration to think upon since you will be investing here a certain sum of money, especially for the very precious and expensive ones. Whether you are buying one for yourself or are buying it for someone else as a present, it is essential that you search high […]

Learn All About Jewelry In This Article

Whether it is an old heirloom necklace from your grandmother or a 6-carat diamond engagement ring, everyone has a piece of jewelry that is near and dear to their heart. This article provides many helpful tips on keeping your jewelry looking snazzy and beautiful for many years to come. Store your jewelry in felt. It […]

Diamond Jewelry Appraisals

Are Diamond Worth To Buy? When you purchase diamond jewellery resembling diamond rings, diamond pendants, necklaces, or tennis bracelets, you are not solely shopping for a product, you are investing in a merchandise with great worth for now and the long run. You can defend your funding by getting an authorized diamond appraisal. Here are […]

Gold Jewelry Do And Dont

The do’s and don’ts of Gold Jewelry Whether shopping for gold jewellery for yourself or a cherished one, deciding what and the place to purchase wonderful jewellery is usually a robust resolution. Gold jewellery is a merchandise you will cherish for a few years to come back – perhaps even a lifetime! So, you may […]

What To Look For When Buying Gold Jewelry

  Gold jewelry is a look that has never gone out of style and is as popular as ever. Purer gold jewelry does not cause staining or tarnishing like inferior alloy blends. Usually if someone has a problem with staining on their skin it is due to their body and not the gold. Gold is […]